[ITA] [ENG] [ESP] Leone arrives in the heart of the Amazon convinced by his cousin Nur, to whom he cannot say no. Having overcome his resistance and his ironic skepticism, he soon slips into a timeless world, where people are treated with ayahuasca. This psychotropic decoction, with numerous therapeutic effects, is consumed in ceremonies accompanied by the sacred songs of the forest. Traveling inside his mind and his body, thanks to the communion with animal spirits and surprising dialogues with an inner voice that overturns all his certainties, Leone will win the hardest battle, the one against himself and the demons he has always fought. He will question everything: his work as a television writer, his relationship stuck in an impasse, the identity built around a toxic masculinity and the tired convictions of our society which, in the face of an announced climate catastrophe, chooses to blindly continue towards self-destruction. The shamanic experience, hesitant and often, in spite of himself, comical, will push Leone to hit rock bottom before recovering. The courage to face reality will teach him to see his nature and Nature in a radically new way.