[ITA] [ENG] [ESP] Martino spends his childhood in a large villa outside Milan that the eccentric Sepe family shares with a varying number of unusual guests. A house where, for example, one dines with an Indonesian monkey named Clarissa that steals the chicken from your plate to rub it on her fur. Twenty years old, Martino chooses to flee to New York in the hope to make it in the movie business. All alone, Martino discovers day by day the taste of the normality of feeling different than anything else. One day, waking up in an unknown bed beside a man and a woman never seen before, he questions himself about his crashing sentimental wrecks, starting this tale on the run. The collateral effects of the first, clumsy, night of love; the chronicle of a failure foretold with the most desired top model in the world; the stormy relationship with the actor Alejo, that will bring him from paradise straight to hell. As the movie that Martino would have liked to direct, the novel of his life - caustic and irreverent, pitiless but hilarious – is a vortex in which everything precipitates and comes back to surface, adventures and contradictions, affection and impudence. Enjoy the Problem is a happy, desperate and breathtaking invitation to enjoy life no matter what, without hesitations and before it’s too late. A metropolitan adventure of sex and feelings, of predictable collapses in search of a tragicomic and touching self discovery. A book that feels alive, finally.