[ITA] [ENG] [ESP] We are the only ones in Europe, together with Greece, with no legislation about the rights of same sex couples. We lacked the courage to put behind us old stereotypes and understand that equal rights concern the life of everyone. We also lacked a book like this one. Ironic and sharp pages that explain how in other countries, after the approval of the egalitarian marriage, the traditional family has not been questioned. That describe societies and periods where same sex unions were legal. Exposing the homophobic attitudes against which Sebastiano Mauri, and too many Italians with him, have to fight. A sharp and optimistic pamphlet. Because one thing is certain: it’s only a question of time. Soon, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, friends, neighbors and colleagues of all sexual orientations will be marching in the streets. The goal is simple, that every one can marry the person they love.