[ENG] [ITA] [ESP] The video Immanence was filmed in various countries over the course of almost two years. It presents a large series of video portraits of people that differ variously for their social class, age and religious credo. The concept of immanence, according to Buddhist teachings, refers to the possibility that a single soul can coexist in two distinct bodies. The protagonists of each piece act a mini fiction of their own lives, accompanied by motion picture soundtracks from all times. If at the beginning of each fragment we can observe them only through extreme close ups, thus not accessing their contexts, finally the camera zooms out to reveal their activities, their clothes, their surroundings. The age of the people filmed increases with the progression of the video, from a newborn, to a woman that has reached the end of her journey, tracing on the way a life span composed of stories that differ immensely from one another, but that maybe are not so far apart.
immanence: 2009, color video, 53 min watch video excerpt