[ENG] [ITA] Favola by Sebastiano Mauri with Filippo Timi, Lucia Mascino, Luca Santagostino, Sergio Albelli and with Piera degli Esposti. A Palomar and Raicinema production.
United States, the 50's. Amongst stuffed poodles, whiskey infused teas, sinful mambo lessons and threats of alien invasions, Mrs. Fairytale, our heroin, spends her days locked in her dream home and without a moment of breath. A surreal world where the aspirations and hopes of our characters are shaped then collide, crash and finally come true. A dream, perhaps, where anyone can finally be who they want to be, but behind which hides another upsetting reality. A fantastic and visionary comedy to try and tackle the current theme of identity, through a lavish and surprising aesthetic.
favola: 2017, a palomar and rai cinema production, feature film, 87 min